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- A part of Capana

esg-BRICKS was established in 2023 in response to increasing demand from our customers in the BI (Business Intelligence) field for the ability to report on ESG data. This demand also stems from the broader market's need for digital and automated solutions regarding ESG management reporting requirements, both locally and globally.

Capana leverages its expertise, built over many years in reporting and digital solutions within the Business Intelligence field, to construct and develop ESG reporting for clients in Denmark and internationally across all industries.

Founded in 2003 as a consultancy firm with a focus on Wholesale Billing and Business Intelligence, primarily for the telecommunications industry, Capana experienced rapid and robust growth. In 2004, the business was divided into two entities under the name Capana Group. Capana ApS, headquartered in Aalborg, specializes in Business Intelligence, while Capana Sweden, headquartered in Gothenburg, focuses on Revenue Management solutions.

Capana Sweden was sold to Enghouse in 2018, resulting in Capana today being a business with employees entirely dedicated to Qlik-based Business Intelligence.

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